La casa del viandante

I like staying at my own house and welcome the world coming in: everyday someone knocks at the door, with heavy or null luggages, coming from the furthest places: indian engineers, chinese businessmen, mexican students, some are german, americans, canadians, swiss, many spanish and fussian people, some few french, to prove aour even more interconnected humanity.
Also many italian people come: dancers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, sportmen, biker, actors,
enamored couple, young guys in a venture, people seeking health care. You can’t really know each other, but sometime some looks a smile and a few words are enough to nicely recognise our belonging to the same humnaity, the same world, each with a different shades.
The ones who look for a room are often tired and weak for a trip or for the working day anf wants a confortable bed in a clean environment, to feel a bit protected. This is what we try to give to people since the first sight, wind kindness and welcoming spirit. Are we achieving this? We hope so” Our main satisfaction lays in giving to the new day a quiet and rested person.

...coming in

…coming in


…ben arrivati!

...where do I happen to be?

…where do I happen to be? the right place!

…in the right place!

holding too much...

holding too much…

but!...nice guys!

but!…nice guys!

already friends!

already friends!

We care about keeping our prices low: a smart Benedictine rule requires monasteries to sell their products at a lower price than marketers do, ad we keep to that rule to merge our spiritual and economical dues. Cheap prices are enjoyed by people and God and let us fill our rooms. I bought this hose many years ago and didn’t have any intent of opening a b&b here.Anyway living here I understood that the place was ready for an accomodation activity, because rooms are large and well oriented. Then to my surprise, I knew this house was built as an inn. People coming to the old town stopped here to spend some day and rest the horses. The old town was far and the inn was in the middle of the countryside. In the attics were located the agricultural laborers who were hired to cultivate the surrounding lands. This house was built at the strarting of 1800, using solid red bricks, wooden beams and “lambrecchie”, a typical emilia’s stone, wide and flat, used for roofs and attics.
The building was completely reniewed, showing corners and faces, ceilings and beams. Almost everyroom is decorated with paintings, windows are decorated too using traditional motives. In order for our activities to be environmentally friendly a photovoltaic system and a solar thermal plant have been installed.

Some news about me

I bought this house 20 years ago with my personal savings from work (both psychiatric work and industrial), and I reniewed it bit by bit.

With the earnings from this activity I now fund the most intense and satisfying activity of my life, two humanitarian missions, in Albany and Uganda.

In Albany I care about some families in need, with which I built stable and good relationships. I spend with them the holidays in summer and christmas time since 10 years ago.

Albany is running fast, and I enjoy witnessing the progress of this small and controversial country.

A beautiful family
how good!

Ice cream is nearly over!

In Uganda I promote the wealthness and growing of a small village of 130 people. Noone of them worked and they lived on the few agricultural activities dome by women. I helped them opening a small mechanical workshop and some breeding activities. I also care about the education of some children and help some families with funds.

In Uganda I started a project for literacy in a juvenile detention center, where I hired a teacher who cares everyday for the young detainees. The most severe cases are cared with attention, sent to study or work and put on a place to live. In that jail I met a young girl, 14 years old, pregnant and abandoned by the boy and her family. We are taking care of hers and her beautiful son, born in december 2015; he is in the photos below and he’s been called Sergio.

I spend one month a year in Uganda. It’s a beautiful country, where earth is fruitful, with lush vegetation and a lot of beautiful and cute children. People are nice, humble and proud. They live with their very dignity of poverty. Nobody dies of hunger anymore but often people die for sickness. There are hospitals but almost no one has the money to pay treatment.

There you can do a lot with few.

With nowadays tools a simple text message is enough to get the needed in the right hands in time, and change a life.

Sergio with his mother, just born
Sergio at 3 months
Mum and son
mum and son in the bush
smart and good looking

school under a tree, teacher and baby
trip for water
sunday party!

If it wasn't for women

Every year I see this friends to have some good time: the best parties of my life, and they just party for living, sharing their joy to live!

A big thank to all my clients for giving me a chance to live this deep experience of joy!”


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